I am a philosopher of science working to understand science and especially biology better. My ultimate aim is to challenge, and presenting alternatives to, unjustified paradigms in ethics, policy, and philosophical anthropology

Before coming to philosophy, I did a degree in physics and mathematics at the KULeuven with a research stint at the Kavli Institute at Stanford. I'm also a professional violinist, having studied in Royal Conservatory of Brussels & the Conservatoire de Paris. I've performed in most major concert halls in Europe, and still do 15-20 concerts a year.



Kris Dierickx and I won funding for a 4-year fully-funded PhD position from the FWO. Project is called "The Professionalization of Science: Analysis and Normative Implications" and will be situated in between philosophy and social studies of science, with an empirical component.

Full application details to follow!

Starting date will be October/November 2020; feel free to get in touch informally in the meantime.

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