As a philosopher of science I work to better understand the foundations of science and especially biology. This analytic work informs my work as an ethicist, where I research how paradigms in  ethics, policy, and philosophical anthropology are shaped by (sometimes unjustified) interpretations of science.

Before coming to philosophy, I did a degree in physics and mathematics at the KULeuven with a research stint at the Kavli Institute at Stanford. I'm also a professional violinist, having studied at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels & the Conservatoire Nationale Supérieure de Musique de Paris. I've performed in most major concert halls in Europe, and still do 15-20 concerts a year.



Kris Dierickx and I won funding for a 4-year fully-funded PhD position from the FWO. Project is called "The Professionalization of Science: Analysis and Normative Implications" and will be situated in between philosophy and social studies of science, with an empirical component.

Full application details to follow!

Starting date will be September/October 2020; feel free to get in touch informally in the meantime.

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