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About my research

Publications listed per topic: here

I view myself as a philosopher of science in the broadest sense: concerned not just with the logic and positivism of science, but also with its social, moral, and political dimensions...  (more on my intellectual bio here)


For my professional bio: see here

For my curriculum vitaesee here

Two Research Lines

Agency and the Environment

Agency is usually reserved for humans. Yet there is a long tradition in biology that is anti-mechanist and insists on viewing organisms in a holistic manner. How can the concept of agency be used to further develop that tradition? I'm currently working out a concept of agency through a more detailed understanding of the environment. This has ramifications for how we understand animal welfare and animal moral standing, human nature, and Darwinism itself.

What does it mean to "trust the science"?

Why science is trustworthy has already been extensively explored. But why then do some continue to actively distrust science? Why is "trust the science" such a politicised message?

I am developing a new view on trust and science that does more justice to the ambiguity of trust. This has further ramifications for questions concerning the aims and methods of science, as well as research integrity and misconduct, and financial incentives in science. 

Research Projects

As co-PI

  • 2020-2024. Professionalization of Science (FWO funded; 196.000 euro), with Kris Dierickx

  • 2017-2018. Human Evolutionary Success (funded by special research fund of the KU Leuven; 85.000 euro), with Grant Ramsey

As collaborator or postdoc

  • 2022 - 2025 Agential Explanation (Templeton; ca. 400.000 euro), with Thomas Reydon

  • 2021- 2024 Generalized Darwinism (ANR-DFG funded, € 655,000), with Philippe Huneman, Thomas Reydon, and André Ariew

  • 2018-2021. EnTIRE (‘Mapping Normative Frameworks for Ethics and Integrity of Research’), Horizon 2020, Call: H2020-SwafS-2016-17 (Science with and for Society), Topic: SwafS-16-2016, Grant Agreement No. 741782, KUL's Funding: €486,000.

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