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Research Projects

Having started out on theoretical philosophy of biology, I quickly branched out into applied ethics. Since my PhD I have been working at the interface between science and ethics: the ethical implications of science, and the ethical character of science. 

My two current focuses are:

(1)  viewing human (and animal) nature through the lens of evolutionary theory.

(2) knowledge/action through the lens of the science. I'm especially interested in how science is not just a neutral mirroring of nature, but a through and through human enterprise -- driven by status competition and by transcendent ideals. 

Additionally, I'm interested in public philosophy. 


Evolution & Human Nature


1. Adaptation in Heterogeneous Environments

2. Rehabilitating Evolutionary Progress

3. What is Organismic Agency?

4. Towards a Normative Account of Human Nature

Social Structure of Science


1. What is the role of virtues in science?

2. Towards an ethics of expert communication

Ivory Tower.png

Public Philosophy

1. What are the therapeutic implications of the philosophy of trust? For people with autism and for how we deal with social media?

2. Trust and mental disorders

3. Ethics of Relationships: trust, autonomy, and flourishing.

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